Geoffrey Asmus: A Life


In 1997, Geoffrey hung an eight foot by six foot map of the world above his bed. The map still travels with him to remind him that everyone in Germany is blue and everyone in Cameroon is a weird shade of fuchsia. When South Sudan and East Timor gained their independence Geoffrey even drew in their borders to maintain accuracy.

Anyways, Geoffrey is a proud member of the OFFICIAL Taylor Swift fan-club and just ordered a $20 Guns N' Roses t-shirt from for a joke that bombed - that's the sort of dedication you can expect from Geoffrey's comedy.

Onstage Geoffrey talks about his adult bed-wetting and one first date where he went bird-watching. Most people say he’s got a cute butt and you should too! Others say he’s a little ‘quirky’ and should stop stroking their hair. No matter what though, all audiences agree, he should never show the birthmark on his butt again.

Geoffrey’s painfully self-aware humor has been heard at the Bridgetown, Boston, Limestone and 10,000 Laughs comedy festivals and notably the Woodbury, Minnesota Applebee's after three Bahama Mamas. In 2016 Geoffrey performed in the Just for Laughs 'New Faces' showcase in Montreal, Canada. Geoffrey won Comedy on State’s “Funniest Person in Madison 2015” and Penguins Comedy Club’s “Funniest Person in Iowa 2015” and was also a finalist for the 2014 and 2015 Cleveland Comedy Festival (alongside a Betamax player and Tito Jackson). He has opened for Todd Barry, Brian Posehn, Kyle Dunnigan, and Daniel Sloss.

Here's what the pundits are saying -

He called me a “lying hussy tart” when I described what the urogenital opening was
— Three separate women
If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?
— Skynyrd
Asmus changed the energy from laid-back observational humor to the best kind of awkward, self-aware, quirky humor money can buy. His material spans from adult literacy to his sex life, or lack thereof. He rides the thin line of absurdity with a great deal of skill, giving the audience a very funny, painfully awkward show.

When Geoffrey opened for Ryan Stout, a COOL dude, Ryan told Geoffrey to ‘tone it down a bit.’

Will do!


Ryan Stout telling Geoffrey, 'Get away! No, I won't autograph your Idi Amin bobblehead!!"